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a Utah Legal Elite™ attorney and "Top Lawyer Named by Peers"

a Utah Legal Elite™ attorney and "Top Lawyer Named by Peers"

a Utah Legal Elite™ attorney and "Top Lawyer Named by Peers"a Utah Legal Elite™ attorney and "Top Lawyer Named by Peers"a Utah Legal Elite™ attorney and "Top Lawyer Named by Peers"

More Than 20-Years of Experience Ready to Serve You

The road to recovering compensation for a legal injury may seem long and unfamiliar.  But no matter where you're going, or where you've been, you don't have to travel this road alone.  Take the journey with someone who cares as much about whether you reach your destination as you do; an attorney who has the knowledge, resources, and more than 20-years of experience to guide you there.


Our Philosophy

How Can We Help You?

An injury can be devastating.  A lawsuit can be intimidating. People hire lawyers because they don’t have the specialized knowledge it takes to file a legal claim on their own, but at the end of the day, it’s your case.  We take a personal approach with our clients because we know how important it is to understand what you really want, and how much time you are willing to invest.

We believe every client deserves a thorough evaluation of their case, along with an up-front explanation of what you're really getting into, both financially and emotionally. We will be honest about the potential risks and rewards, and will even tell you what many lawyers may not--that the potential recovery might not be worth the time, expense, or stress a lawsuit can create.

If you or your business have been injured or damaged, you need an advocate who is personally invested in you, not someone focused solely on the bottom line. 

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your rights and the course of action that's best for you, your family, or your business.

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It's important to have an experienced attorney on your side. Kevin Sheff has more than 20-years of experience winning results for clients since 1998. Learn how his team of professionals can help you.

Personalized Legal Services


Legal Services Tailored Specifically for You or Your Business

Few things in life are as worrisome or intimidating as litigation. If you or someone you know have been injured, or your business has been damaged, it's important that you know your rights.  

If you or a loved one have been injured because of someone else's negligence, you need an injury attorney to prepare your personal injury claim and help you obtain compensation for your injuries. We can help.

If a loved one was killed in an accident, you need an injury lawyer to represent the estate and counsel the heirs in a wrongful death claim. We can help.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a doctor or at a hospital, you need a medical malpractice lawyer to represent you and your family in a medical malpractice claim. We can help.

If you are an investor, shareholder, officer, or director of a company, and one of your business partners has misappropriated company assets for personal use, failed to disclose conflicts of interest, failed to share profits or include you in the operation of the business, or they have taken some action which has injured you or the company financially, you need a commercial litigation attorney to protect your investment, negotiate a buy-sell agreement, or initiate litigation to ensure appropriate corporate governance, collect damages, and protect you and the company from further harm. Our team of professionals can help.

If you made a business deal or signed a contract and they haven't performed their end of the bargain, you need a civil litigation  attorney to help you collect damages and prevent further harm to you and your business. Our team of professionals can help.

If you have been injured by a police officer or other government agent, you need a civil rights attorney to assist you with your civil rights claim. We can help.

We know that legal action can sometimes be overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing you help in language you can understand.


A Focus on Winning Results for Clients

The first step is for us to work with you and come up with a plan to get the results you need. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances, together we will craft a path to your success. Learn more about some of the people Kevin Sheff has helped since 1998.


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E-mail us now for a free initial consultation and free case evaluation. Let us help you figure out your best course of action. The sooner you have a plan of action, the better we can guide you toward achieving the objectives you want to accomplish.